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I was regretting PT but found that with the genuine professional attention Melissa provided, my condition improved immensely!  I looked forward to PT and I shared my positive experience with my podiatrist - he mentioned Melissa's effectiveness has been consistent with his referrals.  As a 65 year old, I assume I will be returning to SportsPT - I look forward to it.

- Dorothy G.

Meredith McHale is terrific. She bonds with her patients and is very compassionate knowing they have some level of pain.  She is very, very observant of the way her patient feels.  She is great!

- Suzanne S.

Drew is extremely knowledgeable and very encouraging.  I'd recommend Sports PT to anyone I know who needs PT, and have.

- Charline S.

Susan Kim was wonderful. She did vestibular rehabilitation work with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has the same condition. She calmed my fears, gave me homework, and explained the process and the expected results. I feel so much better. Thanks to her care and instruction, I now know what to do in the future if symptoms reappear.  Thank you Susan!

- Pamela B.

Owen was my PT, he was vey interested in my injury and explained thoroughly what he thought needed to be done. He was also very thorough about explaining how the injury impacted my knee and what should hurt and what shouldn't. When something didn't work he would go back to square 1 to make sure we didn't miss anything. I was very happy with the result which was no surgery! I would definitely recommend SPT to any of my friends and co workers!

- Jim L.

I couldn't say one bad thing about my experience here. My achilles pain is completely gone and my strength is greatly improved. Sunny was a great physical therapist and very knowledgable--I would recommend him to anyone that needed physical therapy. Everyone in the facility is always very friendly and welcoming, it definitely made for a better experience.

- Danielle R.

I am a patient at the 92nd Street SPTNY.  I suffered a full Achilles tear and have been doing physical therapy for about 6 months.  I just wanted to write and say how impressed I have been with your staff and in particular my therapist. Even with high expectations, I could not be happier with the treatment I have received.  My PT came to every session motivated and determined to get me back to 100%.  His knowledge of the injury and the recovery timeline made me feel very comfortable and encouraged throughout the entire process.  On the occasions I asked a specific question about recovery statistics or different physical therapy protocols and he wasn’t 100% sure he would return the next session with a recent study in hand for me to have and explain to me what he had discovered in his research.  I have recommended SPTNY to two of my close friends already and will continue to do so in the future.  

- Neil M.

I have had physical therapy for various conditions over many years and this is the most positive experience I’ve ever had.  From my very first encounter after knee surgery to my graduating day.  I have always felt welcomed and cared about as an individual and never “just another client."  The environment is a small community of therapists working together on behalf of all the patients.  I have appreciated the times when my therapist Amanda, had faith that I could do it and pushed me to do more. Every small improvement and milestone was acknowledged with continued encouragement.  The office staff – always welcoming, professional and helpful, and the therapists concern, care and breadth of knowledge are a testament to their profession. They meet you where you are and take your journey with you. 

- Dawn P.

My family has resided in three different states and five different locations. With eventually seven children we have dealt with a fairly large number of medical professionals. There are good ones, OK ones and bad ones. SportsPT is one of the best! I experienced three medical problems, all different which they have treated. They are very friendly yet completely professional. They carefully analyze your condition and devise a specific series of treatments tailored to your needs.The number of techniques used is astounding. They INSIST that you experience no pain. Believe me it works! One of my treatments was interrupted by a need to leave town for four weeks. I was curious to see if my condition would improve on it's own. It did not. I returned to successfully complete the treatment. Couldn't be happier. These people rate AAA in my book. If you have a problem try them, you will not be sorry.

- Ed V.

I came to Sports PT after I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder because of frequent dislocations.  Coming into PT I was more than hesitant about physical therapy, but wanted to trust the system because well, who am I to tell them anything.  Sarah, Joe, Dan & Kevin the Intern are absolutely amazing.  I truly had the most amazing experience in Physical Therapy. My experience at Sports PT NY made me actually really enjoy PT and my shoulder is stronger than it has ever been.  Everything that Sarah and team has taught me, I have been able to incorporate into my daily workout routine effectively. Like I said I am really not one to review something unless it is amazing or absolutely terrible.  I work around the Healthcare community everyday and I wanted the corporate office to know what an absolute gem you have. I have already recommended this office in specific to a lot of my friends and will continue because the experience was friendly, fun, tremendously difficult and overall a lot of hard work, all at the same time, which is something I never expected from Physical Therapy.

- Kyle T.

I have been working with physical therapist Hetal on Dutch Hill Road in Orangeburg, NY for the past 3 and 1/2 months. When I arrived I was in a cast from a broken patella and could not bend my leg. It was so difficult for me to see the possibility that I would ever bend it. The
pain was so excruciating. It was difficult at best to perform the exercises that Hetal gently asked me to do. She is compassionate, encouraging. She kept on telling me when I doubted, that I will soon be able to bend it. Slowly as I worked with her encouragement and
sometimes even pushing me more than I wanted to pursue, I started to see the kneecap bending. Today on May 3rd, I can walk without a cane, a walker or crutches. I am going up and down stairs, albeit, very slowly but I could not have reached my potential today without my PT, Hetal. I feel that I am getting my life back slowly. She has become someone that
I can even call a friend, someone that I am very fond of. I highly recommend Hetal as a PT, not only because of what I mentioned above, but because she was continually finding new and innovative ways to heal my leg and I thank her and Sports PT for helping me to gain back my confidence. I will absolutely recommend your facility. Thank you!

- Roseann L.

Although I'm hardly the only repeat patient Sports PT has ever treated, I assume it's unusual to come in for three courses of treatment in a little over nine months. I had never heard of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder before being diagnosed with it last July, and thanks to the Financial District team I eventually regained the use of my shoulder. That success inspired me to come in on my own this past February to tackle a longstanding low-back issue. My orthopedist was quite pleased with the progress I made in addressing lumbar spinal stenosis—but then sent me back for more PT, this time on my cervical spine, also a chronic problem area. Throughout this cycle, your team has been inspiring, motivational and diligent. In particular, I cannot thank Crystal enough for the tremendous cumulative difference she has made for me.

- Paul B.

"I opted to do PT at the Soho office at a friend's recommendation. My friend highly recommended Loraine, who had been working with him the past several weeks. As soon as I came in, Loraine greeted me by my first name. Loraine wasn't the one who evaluated me, but she ended up being my PT because of my schedule. I was really glad because my friend just raved about her. When I started, I told Loraine that I planned to go to karate camp in 6 weeks, and she said she'd work with me to meet that goal. It took a couple of weeks before I started feeling an improvement, but Loraine kept pushing me and giving me harder workouts and massages. Some patients jokingly call her "no pain/no gain Loraine" but her workouts and massages really work! I just came back from 4 days at karate camp, and I'm pain-free! I was just so amazed at how much my condition (sciatica) had improved, and I give all the credit to Loraine! If ever I need physical therapy again, I would go back to her. Thanks, Loraine!

- Maria C

From my first appointment, Crystal & Lisa made me feel right at home. Even at 7:30am they made the experience fun. I can say without a doubt that I would not feel as good as I do today without SPTNY.

- Meghan B.

I worked with Katie at the Tonawanda location for the past 2 months. She was fantastic! She listened to my needs and goals, and tailored my exercises to match those. A short time after my shoulder surgery, I have full range of motion back and am continually rebuilding my strength. She worked around my insurance constraints and we were fully able to utilize the appointments to their maximum potential. Thanks so much to the entire Sports PT staff for always being pleasant and pushing me so I could reach my goals and get back to work!

- Andrea W

It is a very comfortable atmosphere, designed for improvement for each individual. Every staff member is focused on your goals but understands limitations and are compassionate.

- Beth V

My therapist was extremely professional. I felt good results after a few sessions.

- Patricia A

My therapist was Amy Barbasch and she was excellent. She diagnosed my problem effectively and provided me with an exercise regiment that has helped enormously with my pain. Obviously, all types of people come in for physical therapy, and as I watched others being treated, I could see how she (and the other therapists) catered to each client individually based on their emotional/physical needs. It was a great atmosphere and I felt like Amy and the other staff (including the ladies at the front desk!) were genuinely concerned with the patients in their care.

- Annmarie A

My PT, Sunny Thakkar, with his exceptional skills and professionalism was able to help me to return to my normal life - so that I can walk as much as I want to and I can attend my yoga and zumba classes again!

- Faina G.

My physical therapist, Elena Caruso, was fantastic. She listened carefully to my descriptions of injury progress and tailored my sessions accordingly. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

- Kent C

"There is no way on earth that I could have made the progress I needed if not for the professional, compassionate, and all around excellent guidance from everyone at the Soho office, especially Lorraine who is a physical therapist extraordinaire. I cannot recommend this place highly enough."

- Andrea Z-A

"Heather has completely transformed my life! With her attention and help, she has helped me to regain motion, mobility and a semblance of a normal life after my car accident. I couldn't imagine having done this without her help!"

- Frank M

"You guys were awesome. Very attentive, professional. Always went above and beyond. I couldn't have asked for better. I had an opportunity to work with everyone and they were all awesome!"

- Eric B

"This is my 4th tour through Sports PT. I would (and have) recommended Sports PT to anyone I encounter that could benefit (IMO) from PT. My Theapist is Heather Kidder. She is outstanding. She is professional, compassionate and always a joy to work with. On the rare occurance when I have to work with someone else (Drew, Kate, Kevin) it's always been excellent also."

- Dan B

"Joe and Sarah were awesome! They made going to PT fun and enjoyable."

- Blaine B