Can the Weather Affect Your Pain?


Many individuals can vouch for the fact that their muscle and joint pain feels worse when it is cold and rainy, but few can tell you why. Is it possible that the weather can affect your pain? Yes, there is some truth behind that statement when we look at specific factors of the weather, such as atmospheric pressure and temperature.


Atmospheric pressure is the force or pressure exerted on us by the weight of air above the surface. When there is a change in a front or rainy weather, there is often a decline in air pressure. Therefore, with a drop in atmospheric pressure, there is decreased pressure on the body. This allows the tissues in the body to expand to fill the space. For an area of injury, the already inflamed tissue may swell even more. This creates an area of high pressure within the body and may cause increased pain.


Another possible reason has to do with temperature. Research shows that pain thresholds are lower in colder weather which allows individuals to feel pain sooner than under normal conditions. Individuals also tend to be less active in colder weather. Many health conditions respond favorably to activity and, therefore, stiffness and pain can worsen with inactivity.


As with many things, there are multiple factors that influence an individual’s pain, but in response to the original question: yes, the weather can most certainly affect your pain.


What is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?


You finally decide to go see your doctor for your shoulder pain that has been going on for months. After a physical exam, your doctor gives you a prescription for physical therapy (PT). First you think, what is physical therapy? You decide to Google it. The computer pulls up a million links for physical therapy and you see that it entails exercises. Then you decide to look up “shoulder exercises” and print out about 107 pictures that you should do to fix your shoulder pain. Feeling overwhelmed, you decide to call your local physical therapy clinic to book an appointment. Good decision!


There are many specialization areas of physical therapy, but the orthopedic one focuses on treating a body part(s) that’s injured to restore your function. Orthopedic physical therapy provides you with specific exercises and manual therapy to stretch your muscles, nerves, and joints. For example, you may come to PT for neck, shoulder, foot or back pain, weakness, stiffness or instability. At Sports Physical Therapy of NY, PC, we evaluate you on the first day and educate you on what is going on in your body to cause the pain. Your physical therapist will then develop a treatment plan to assist you on your road to recovery. You will receive exercises to help get rid of your pain and improve your ability to work and do your daily activities. Your physical therapist has attended several years of college and post-graduate training to provide you with the best care. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands at any of our New York facilities!

Hello World!


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This blog is not a substitute for direct consultation with a physician and/or physical therapist. We recommend that you speak with your MD or PT before attempting any of the stretches or strengthening exercises that may be mentioned here by our physical therapists. If you suspect injury or dysfunction, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment to come and see us. We will perform a thorough examination and develop a treatment plan specifically for you and your injury.


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