Marathon Runner Gets Back on Course


Naomi Collazo laced up her running shoes, pinned on her bib number, took a deep breath and along with thousands of others approached the starting line. She was filled with all the emotions that first time marathon runners feel; anxiety, excitement, nervous energy, joy, pride. Naomi did what so many motivated, but uninformed first timers do – she ran a marathon without proper training. Even though she started feeling pain in her left ankle, she finished and she was hooked. Naomi went on to complete two half marathons within the next two months – disregarding the pain she was experiencing.


After some time, she could no longer ignore the pain in her ankle so she made an appointment with an orthopedist. He diagnosed her with posterior tibialis tendonitis and referred her for physical therapy. She left the appointment feeling discouraged. Naomi had worked so hard and had come so far. The last thing she wanted was to have to stop training. Would she loose all the endurance she had gained over the last several months?


Discouraged but compliant, she attended an appointment with a Physical Therapist (PT), but she felt that the exercises the PT gave her she could have done at home. She began to lose motivation because she wasn’t feeling any improvement.


Still passionate about running, she attended the JackRabbit Sports NYC Running Show in April 2011. Sports PT of NY had a booth at the show so she felt she would seek out a second opinion. One of the physical therapists listened to her story and advised her on some balance exercises that she could do. Naomi took a pamphlet and later on checked out the Sports PT website. For the first time in a while, she started to think that this might be an option that may work for her.


When Naomi returned for her follow-up with the orthopedist, he advised her that she should continue with PT. She decided to try again, but this time with Sports PT of NY.  After just her first session with Eddie Wong at the Brooklyn Heights location, Naomi became hopeful and much more enthusiastic about her situation. Eddie gave her a time frame for “when” not “if” she would run again. He told Naomi that she would be running by July and that is exactly what happened.


With her renewed confidence, Naomi set her sights on the New York City Marathon in November. She knew she didn’t have as much time as other people to train, but this time she was going to train properly.


In the end, Naomi completed the marathon and is injury free. Eddie watched on TV thinking how proud he was of her. Together they set a goal, worked hard and achieved success!