National Women’s Health Week

By Julie Wolfley PT, DPT, OCS





Happy National Women’s Health Week! This year marks the 20th anniversary and runs from Mother’s Day to May 18, 2019 with a focus of encouraging women to be as healthy as possible. #NWHW



Celebrate YOU! Take this week to make a step toward improving your physical or mental health.


Here are a few physical ideas to celebrate you this week that may help you on your healthy path.



  • Schedule your annual Primary MD visit to get your preventive screening and bloodwork
  • Schedule you annual mammogram
  • Drink more water, 11 cups a day is recommended for the average female by the National Academy of Medicine
  • Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Calculate your BMI (
  • Be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day
  • If you have aches and pains with your physical activity, contact your physical therapist to assess your symptoms to restore your activity level.
  • Consult with a nutritionist if you want some healthy eating tips





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