Skiing & Snowboarding Injury Prevention Tips

By Sports PT Blog Team



Skiing and Snowboarding are great outdoor winter activities. The fresh air and exercise do you well on a lot of fronts. But, like every sport, there are risks when you participate in a sport. Here are a few safety tips that will help you have fun and be safe.



  1. Always wear a helmet designed for skiing or snowboarding.
  2. Wear ski googles that fit properly with a helmet.
  3. Make sure your boots fit properly and bindings are adjusted correctly.
  4. Do not ski or snowboard alone.
  5. Stay on designated trails.
  6. Stretch your muscles before you go!
  7. Stay hydrated with water.



Bruises and broken bones are the most common types of skiing and snowboarding injuries. However, traumatic brain injury can also be a serious injury with this sport. Be safe and have fun!

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